The Most Bizarre Stories Of Alien Encounters And UFO Sightings

The Maury Island Incident

In another early encounter from 1948, Fred Crisman and Harold Dahl were patrolling the US harbor near Puget Sound, Washington. Both Crisman, as well as Dahl, later reported seeing six flying objects in the sky above the water. The patrolmen claimed that one of the UFOs dropped heavy debris onto their boat, killing an animal onboard and breaking a co-worker’s arm. Dahl later reported that a strange man in a black suit approached him, threatening him to never speak of the incident.

The Allagash Abductions

In 1967, four friends went camping in Maine’s Allagash Wilderness. On the second night, the men observed a bright light. The next night, while fishing, the men saw the same light. When they aimed a flashlight in its direction, the light expanded and enveloped them. That was the last thing they remembered. Over the next several decades, all four men reported recurring nightmares in which they replayed short clips from that night. Eventually, they sought hypnotherapy, which revealed shared memories of an alien abduction and examination.

The Robert Taylor Incident

Robert Taylor, a forestry worker from Scotland, claims to have seen a UFO parked in the woods back in 1979. He described seeing two small spheres emerge from a massive object and drag him into the UFO. He then lost consciousness. When he awoke, he had lost his voice and was in bad physical shape. The local police conducted an investigation into the incident, but couldn’t offer any sort of explanation about what had happened to Mr. Taylor.

Now You See Him, Now You Don’t

One night, Travis Walton was on his way home with six coworkers. While driving, the men came across a UFO. When they approached, a light emerged and Walton levitated into the aircraft. The remaining men were accused of murdering Walton. After thorough interrogations, their stories held up. Five days after going missing, Walton reappeared, thinking he’d only been gone for a few hours. He later recalled being interrogated by three creatures with bald heads and huge eyes and having experiments performed on him.

A Manhattan Encounter

In arguably one of the most well-documented UFO encounters, Linda Napolitano claimed that she was pulled from the window of her Manhattan apartment onto a flying saucer. She offered authorities a detailed description of her experience and a pair of United Nations bodyguards claimed to have seen the exact same thing in a strikingly similar abduction. Several years after the incident, a photo of the outside of Linda’s apartment building was released showing a strange object floating in the sky.

What Happens In Area 51, Stays In Area 51

Charlie Arrendale was a security guard for a mine near Area 51. For two nights in a row in 1965, Arrendale received orders to engage anything that approached the property. During the first night, the guards heard a “muted humming sound” which lasted for 30 minutes. After the sound dissipated, the guards left via bus. From the bus, they witnessed a camouflage tent on the runway, surrounded by armed soldiers. The next night, they heard the same humming, but when they left, the tent had disappeared.

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