Former NASA Employee Warns: We Saw A Fleet Of Unknown Ships Heading To Earth

r. Eric Norton” has worked as a consultant for the National Security Agency (NSA) and NASA for about 12 years. He has worked on many projects for the government, most recently with the Meteoroid Environment Office (MEO) which is involved in several research projects with the underlying goal of gaining a better understanding of the meteoroid environment so that the MEO models can be improved. They basically monitor the skies, track meteors and other objects in space.

On January 22, Dr. Eric Norton (who was a NASA consultant who was in charge of doing all the monitoring work for possible celestial threats, such as comets or asteroids that might impact the earth) was called. He went to the MacDonald Observatory located in Texas.


They used a wide range of installation tools so that Dr. Norton could detect a group of unidentified spacecraft with a somewhat threatening appearance. Apparently they saw a series of large structures of large dimensions in space that formed a straight line that was moving towards the planet Earth.


Dr. Norton monitored the spacecraft, following the direction of the coordinates. These objects moved millions of kilometers but did not go so far as to enter the planet earth. According to the doctor, the boats had a level of technology far superior to that of our spacecraft.

He also said that the spectroscopy data suggested that unknown objects were constructed with different materials, millions of times more energetic than any of the ones we have on earth.

Of course, this hypothesis has caused great concern between Dr. Norton and his colleagues at NASA, since in addition to this, the ultraviolet spectrum images showed that the cosmic particles that adjoin the alien space diverted what must be a field of different energy the magnetic field that protects the planet Earth.

In the last ten years, the techniques have advanced a lot, especially the techniques of camouflage. Therefore, it should not surprise us if an alien civilization much more advanced than us possesses a technology that makes them become physically invisible … What do you think? Discuss your thoughts always with the respect that characterizes us. Thank you for reading this article. Don’t forget to comment below and say your opinion on this article.

Watch this mindblowing video interview of Dr. Eric Norton

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Thank you for reading this article and don’t forget to comment below and say your opinion on this article.

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