Researcher says he discovered the “Emerald City” on the Moon

The “conspiracy theorists” have long accused NASA of covering up evidence of the existence of UFOs and large extraterrestrial structures on the dark side of the Moon. Now, ufologist Scott C. Waring claims to have found the “Emerald City” under a lunar “dome”.

Even experts in space anomalies claim that these same mysterious structures are also on Mars, although that is another story. All these conspiracy theories are due to the fact that the government of the United States has a secret alliance with certain races or exotic species with advanced technological knowledge. But, incredible as it may seem, this amazing story does not come from the imagination of a few visionaries, but rather its origin is the testimonies and confessions of officials and soldiers. Some NASA workers have also made impressive revelations, claiming that the US space agency is hiding information about UFOs and astronauts who have direct contact with aliens.

Why is it that, with the Moon so close, the public does not have access to quality images of the lunar surface, despite the high technology and resolution of the available telescopes and cameras? There are so many images that have shown us in black and white, that we assume that the Moon is like that in reality. There is no logical reason for this. Surprisingly, and thanks to the apathy and disinterest of the general public, even the images of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter of 2009 … they are black and white! Very similar to what happens with Mars images.

New images from NASA seem to show two large extraterrestrial structures on the surface of the Moon

These mysterious extraterrestrial structures have been discovered by the ufologist Scott C. Waring, who says on his YouTube channel that the images are evidence that there are other life forms on the Moon. The images, from the same NASA website, seem to show a kind of dome and some other constructions on the surface of the Moon.

As Scott says: “I found some amazing alien structures in this great lunar photo from NASA. The most remarkable thing I found was an emerald green dome over a crater. It reminds me of the Emerald City of the Wizard of Oz. ”

“There were also two large bright black domes over craters not far from the same place. I’m not sure how astronomers around the world have ignored such discoveries, but from my research I learned that NASA has donated a large amount of money to observatories around the world, probably to control their research and their published findings. It is up to us, the public, to reveal the truth about the existence of aliens. The truth is that … many planets and moons in our solar system have had alien life on them or within them. ”

What are these structures? Who built them? When were they built? what’s its purpose? Is it possible that these structures tell another story about the Earth? Are they evidence that the Moon is not a natural satellite, but an artificial satellite?

While we can not know with certainty what is really happening on the surface of the Moon, we can say that there are many gaps and inconsistencies in the information provided by NASA, which point to the fact that the Moon is a very mysterious place and its existence only offers us more questions than answers. Everything depends on you, what you believe and what you think about what is really happening on the Moon …

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