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Miller mutilation November 2018

On Tuesday, November 13th, 2018, I was contacted by the Miller ranch that another one of their animals had been found dead under mysterious circumstances. The last mysterious animal death occurred previously in July.

The Miller ranch located in Trinidad, Colorado, has had at least 14 mysterious animal deaths that they know of, occurring within the past 15 years. Surrounded by other cattle ranchers, no other strange animal deaths have been reported by them that I know of, except in 2009. When I was investigating my first Miller ranch strange animal death, I interviewed a nearby rancher who had found their family dog dead. The dog was found near their house with its blood drained and all four of its paws appeared to have been surgically removed. Thinking it was some type of sick cult, the rancher went on high alert, arming himself while in search of the culprit or culprits involved. Colorado State Law allows ranchers to use extreme force while protecting their livestock on their property, and their pet dog is no exception.

07-14-18 cow mutilation

Miller mutilation July 2018

Both animals found this year, so far, have had very similar damage. The strange cut around the jaw line and missing tongue were present in both cases. The July mutilation was found within a couple of days of death, determined by the size of the fly larva found on it. July was a very warm month, and the gestation of fly larva was determined to be 16 to 24 hours. This amount of time is no where near the amount of time it would take for larva to clean hide and muscle around a jaw line.

The November mutilation was originally found in the snow, and due to the cold weather, fly larva was not present.

Miller Mutilation November 2018

When the rancher’s neighbor found this November mutilation, the animal had been skinned down to the skeletal remains, before any coyotes had got to it. During the winter months here in Colorado, scavengers like coyotes don’t hibernate and need to feed throughout the winter months on what ever they can find. Strange animal mutilation deaths are no exception. When the neighbor came back to this location the following day, coyotes were present, and the fear of being attacked, two of them were shot. Coyotes will attack you and I experienced this first hand years ago in the deserts of Southern California. Since then, I always carry of gun.

calf mutilation

Miller mutilation 2013

The Miller ranch experienced this type of extreme mutilation in the past, back in 2013 when a calf was found. This particular case we found two holes the size of a quarter on each side of the hide. Was this associated with the hide being removed? Not sure, but definitely was not scavenger damage.

Miller mutilation November 2018.

As with most mutilation cases I’ve investigated, the animal appears to have been forcibly placed at the location it was found. Not dropped, but forcibly placed. The broken spine shown in this picture explains the unusual position the animal was found in. You can clearly see the stress crack in the bone, and the clear snap. The surrounding rib bones had been gnawed on by coyotes, which gave me a clear comparison between what was chewed and what was completely snapped in half. On first glance, an unexperienced eye would think animals could do this, but a bone would have to be completely dry and weathered for this to occur due to scavengers pulling the carcass, and usually a bear could achieve this, but not coyotes, and not so soon after the animal’s death.

Miller mutilaton 2018

Miller mutilation November 2018

This picture was shot by my drone around 250 feet above the mutilation site. You can see the Purgatory river nearby and the reminiscences of snow in the area. The majority of my animal mutilation investigations have been near water sources. Strange balls of light have been seen near water sources in Trinidad and nearby Westin, Colorado in the past. Could these balls of light be responsible for the mutilations in this area?

Animal mutilations don’t appear to be random, but very selective. It appears the same rancher gets hit over and over again throughout the years, even though they are surrounded by other ranchers in the area. All of my animal mutilation investigations are animals that are free-grazing animals, non-genetically modified. Maybe a vitamin supplement was added when they were calves, but no type of steroid shots were ever administered. Could this be the reason particular ranchers are targeted? Maybe because free-grazing animals are not confined to one location? Although a case in Kansas City, Missouri and Florida a few years ago contradicts that theory, because those mutilation animals were found in a corral-type facility.

This particular mutilation case showed no high levels of electro-magnetic field readings, no signs of radiation, and no unusual ground anomalies nearby. It did however show signs of strange incision markings compared to previous mutilations in this area.

I’d like to thank rancher Miller and all the other ranchers who have contacted me and allowed me to go on to their property to investigate this very unusual phenomenon. An experienced rancher knows the difference between a common animal death on their property compared to a very un-common death, like these mutilations. Like me, they’re looking for answers to so many unanswered questions. This phenomenon that has jumped multiple species from Snippy the Horse back in 1967 in the San Luis area of Colorado, to dogs, sheep, goats, and this cattle death so recently, is a cause for alarm. With every case it appears I learn something new, especially when I’m able to compare evidence to multiple events. Like driving a car, it’s not “if” you ever have an accident, but “when” you have one; so the odds will finally catch up with me on this phenomenon, and I’ll find compelling evidence, not “if”, but “when.” The question for me is, “How many more animal mutilation cases will I have to do, before I get to the “when” part.”

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