Multiple Witness Report UFO Humanoid | UFO CHRONICLE – 1974

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     The three adults, watching the light, were startled to see a

By The Register

red oval object, “bigger than a Volkswagen,” rise to about 300 feet above the glowing ground.

At first hovering, it made a series of right angle turns before heading south toward Stuart, Va.

But the ground glow remained, so Plasters and Clifton decided to investigate. As they neared the area, they were puzzled by the absence of the farm animals: two horse, a steer, and three calves.

They had passed a small shed when Plasters caught site of movement ahead.

Arriving back at the spot where earlier they had seen the humanoid, Plasters and Clifton found burning debris. The light, the object, and the “man” had disappeared.

The men returned home and telephoned the local sheriff’s office.

Several days later, independent civilian investigators searched the area. They discovered randomly blackened and charred bushes, fence posts, ground and twigs. Several tree tree limbs had also been broken.

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