It’s Not Just You: Fruit Flies Also Base Their Dating Habits Off Of Their Peers – D-brief

(Credit: Thithawat.S/Shutterstock) If you think dating culture only applies to humans, think again. A team of researchers recently discovered that female fruit flies take their mating preferences from their peers. When presented with a few differently-colored suitors, the flies were more likely to choose the color they’d seen other flies select before them. This kind of conformity […]

Tool Trove in Saudi Arabia Tells New Story Of Early Humans – Dead Things

Stone tools found at Saffaqah, in central Saudi Arabia, include (a) a large flake with a smaller flake created during tool manufacture still attached, (b) other large flakes, (c) a handaxe and (d) a large core. (Credit: Scerri et al 2018, doi:10.1038/s41598-018-35242-5) Hundreds of stone tools and related materials, found in central Saudi Arabia, reveal new information […]

The Roswell Deception

Flying Saucers and Little Green Men      Do you believe that extraterrestrials have visited the Earth? If so, you are not alone as more than 48 percent of your fellow Americans believe the same.1 And if you have more than just a passing interest in the subject, then you will already be familiar with […]

Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria Found on Space Station Toilet – D-brief

Enterobacter cloacae bacteria cultured in a petri dish. In a new study, scientists have investigated the antibiotic-resistance of bacteria on the space station. (Credit: CDC) Space Bacteria Wherever humans go, our bacterial companions will follow. That’s as true in space as it is on Earth, and while we’ve known that microbial astronauts are present on […]

Stowaways Welcome on India’s Upcoming Venus Mission – D-brief

An Adventure to Venus Though widespread interest in Venus has somewhat waned over recent decades, India’s upcoming mission aims to turn that tide. As part of a still unnamed mission, ISRO will launch an approximately 5,500-pound (2,500-kilogram) spacecraft aboard the heaviest rocket they currently operate: the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III. The sheer size […]