Is Elon Musk HIDING something? Mystery ‘object’ seen near SpaceX craft before ‘feed CUT’

A MYSTERIOUS object has been spotted on the SpaceX Dragon’s live feed bearing similarities to an infamous “spy plane”, before the live feed was reportedly “cut”.

The cargo spacecraft was on its way to the International Space Station when eagle-eyed viewers noticed something strange on the SpaceX live feed.

Conspiracy duo Blake and Brett Cousins shared the discovery on their YouTube channel thirdphaseofmoon, with Blake claiming the footage “could change history”.

In the video, a large dark triangular object moves past the SpaceX Dragon, floating upwards into the atmosphere at a startling speed.

The Cousins’ report the live feed “was cut” before the camera angles changed just seconds after the object was spotted.

Speaking of the figure, Blake asks: “Could this be the infamous TR-3B up in space visiting up close?

Speaking of the figure, Blake asks: “Could this be the infamous TR-3B up in space visiting up close?

“This is stunning footage,” he continues as he slows down the startling clip.

The TR-3 Black Mamta is the name for a highly-speculated secret surveillance plane used by the US Air Force.

Blake recalls he initially thought the object could be a reflection from the ISS, but this trail of thought was quashed as the object moved behind the Dragon’s solar panel.

“This thing’s huge,” he remarks as the object makes its way across the screen.

He continues: “Notice the portals underneath – it definitely matches the characteristics of a TR-3B.”

A similar object is spotted just moments later floating near the SpaceX Dragon, before the feed is cut yet again.

“It’s going be hard to suppress this,” concludes Brett as he marvels at the huge object.

The video has already been viewed more than 13,000 times since its upload yesterday (December 12).

And viewers are convinced the object in the video is a top-secret TR-3B craft.

One person wrote: “Can you imagine how Elon Musk must have felt when he saw that?”

Another added: “If you look closely, it looks like you can see it has delta wings.”

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