Richard Doty’s Claims of ‘Alien Plans’ To Visit Earth

Richard Doty's Claims of 'Alien Plans' To Visit Earth

A FORMER Air Force Special Agent claims he studied alien plans to visit Earth during a secret programme run by the US government.

     Richard Doty is a retired USAF agent with special clearance, who has broken his silence on apparent alien investigations. In May 2001, with the help of ufologist Steven Greer, Doty gave evidence at the National Press Club in Washington DC, as part
By Callum Hoare

of the Disclosure Project. Here, 20 retired Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration and intelligence officers all came together to give first-hand accounts on their UFO experiences.

Almost two decades later, Doty detailed his exact role at Kirtland Air Force Base during the 1990s, which apparently involved studying aliens.

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