UFO Recorded Over Kiawah Island? | VIDEO

UFO Over Kiawah Island 12-24-18

     KIAWAH ISLAND, SC (WCBD) – Was it a UFO? A viewer sent us video of what appears to be a strange, round object in the sky above Kiawah during the night of Christmas Eve.
By Tim Renaud

Debra Thomson, who lives on the water near the golf course, stepped outside to disconnect her outdoor Christmas tree when she looked up and saw the bright object in the sky.

“It’s not unusual to see strange things in the skies out here,” she said.

But this felt different. “For a second I thought it was Venus, but it was way too large and in the wrong place in the sky.” She said it was located in the northwest sky, moving at a rather fast clip, sometimes stopping as if it was observing.

“It was moving toward my direction and seemed intelligently in control,” she said. “I felt as if it knew I was filming it.”

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