Geoscience That Made Headlines in 2018 – Rocky Planet

Lava flows from the LERZ eruption of Kīlauea, seen in July 2018. USGS/HVO. 2018 was quite a year across the geosciences … which is hardly shocking considering we live on the most geologically active planet in the solar system. Some of the events were tragic, because when it comes to headlines, that is what gets […]

The Mysterious Lives Of 18th Century Garden Hermits

Two trends in Georgian England created a moment in history for the phenomenon of ornamental hermitage: solitude and overt displays of material wealth. Wealthy landowners desired expansive and often ornate gardens on their property, and would use these expanses to reflect not just financial riches, but existing social mores such as melancholy. Elite circles viewed this […]

Dramatic Photo Captures Rare Sight of 65-Foot-Tall Lava Dome in Hawaii

ith an incredible duration of 1,774 days, the Mauna Ulu eruption of Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii spread across five years. At the time, it was Kilauea’s longest running eruption and produced about 460 million cubic yards of lava. From 1969 to 1974, the astonishing eruption was readily viewable to the public via observation platforms, and produced some […]

Book Review: Citizen Science for Now and for Always – Citizen Science Salon

Mary Ellen Hannibal, Citizen Scientist: Searching for Heroes and Hope in an Age of Extinction, New York, NY: The Experiment, 2016. 432 pp. $29.95 hardcover, $17.95 paperback. Mary Ellen Hannibal’s Citizen Scientist: Searching for Heroes and Hope in an Age of Extinction is a beautiful collection that explores a wide range of stories. From the intimate moments of […]

The Seventh-Day Adventist Church’s UFO Investigation

     An unlikely source for UFO history that time forgot… a six-part series from 1961 in a religious magazine, the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Review and Herald. It was written by the editor, Francis David Nichol, in his attempt to find answers for his readers. By Curt Collinsthesaucersthattimeforgot12-21-18 In addition to the motley array of […]

Triangle UFO over Pentagon

In the bizarre clip, what appears to be a giant black triangle can be seen hovering over the US Department of Defence. Although the footage is dark, changes to the exposure of the video show the mysterious shape as it looms eerily above the Pentagon. The footage recorded on December 19, 2018 has sparked much […]

Researchers: Depression May Be a Physical Illness Linked to Inflammation

“We think there is good enough evidence for a causal effect.” Physical Roots Of Depression Although current treatments for depression mostly focus on brain chemicals such as serotonin, scientists now think inflammation throughout the entire body (triggered by an overactive immune system) may be the root cause of the problem. Widespread inflammation, they posit, could […]

The US Military is Testing Mood Altering, AI-Controlled Brain Implants in Humans

DARPA is funding two projects that seek to use brain implants to treat mental illness. Mood Loop Currently, DARPA is funding two teams which are running preliminary trials of brain implants that use specialized algorithms to detect patterns linked to mood disorders. These devices are able to deliver electrical pulses that can supposedly shock the brain […]

Hubble spots a strange new type of celestial object

Above Image: Astronomers have discovered a brand new type of celestial object: an active binary asteroid, meaning it’s made of two rocks orbiting each other while leaving a trail of gas like a comet(Credit: ESA/Hubble, L. Calçada) Astronomers have discovered a brand new type of object in our solar system: an active binary asteroid. That means […]

Mysterious fossil footprints may cast doubt on human evolution timeline

Above image: A set of fossilized human-like footprints in Greece may end up rewriting the story of human evolution(Credit: Andrzej Boczarowski) We share plenty of features with apes, but the shape of our feet isn’t one of them. So that makes the discovery of human-like footprints dating back 5.7 million years – a time when our […]

NASA’s New Horizons probe seems to be approaching a surprisingly ‘dark’ world

Above: An artist’s impression of Ultima Thule, which is already turning out to be quite mysterious before New Horizons even arrives(Credit: NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI/Steve Gribben) NASA’s New Horizons probe is just days away from its historic flyby of Ultima Thule, a mysterious object on the fringe of the solar system. Since it awoke from hibernation back in […]

We Analysed Evidence That the Denver Airport Is the Illuminati Headquarters

For the longest time, people who spend too much time on the internet have argued that Denver International Airport is actually, secretly the headquarters for the Illuminati. This theory predates the airport’s 1995 construction, but suspicions really took off in 2010 when Jesse Ventura’s woke TV show “Conspiracy Theory” featured the airport. It got to […]

Mysterious ‘UFO’ Sighted Over Ballymun, Ireland | VIDEO

     … Robert told Dublin Live: “I spotted a bright light disappearing and reappearing in the sky early in the morning on Christmas Day. By Laura Lynewww.dublinlive.ie12-26-18 “I woke up from bed to see the light in the sky and knew it was too bright to be a star or plane,I went downstairs and […]

“They’re Parked on The Side of the Crater – They’re Watching Us!” – When Neil Armstrong Landed On The Moon

“There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth’s protective layers. There are places to go beyond belief” – Neil Armstrong (source) It wasn’t long ago that the Russian government called for an international investigation into the U.S. moon landings regarding missing samples and photos not released to the public. This […]

Mysterious “Crop Circle” Forest in Japan Is the Result of a 50-Year-Old Experiment

A forest in Japan is creating quite a stir with its unique shape. In the Miyazaki Prefecture of southern Japan, groups of Japanese cedar trees swell toward the sky, creating mysterious concentric circles. After a recent aerial photo spotted these “crop circles,” it left people wondering just how they were formed. The picturesque natural formations aren’t […]