Now you will have the opportunity to learn a little more about the great seed vault that is being prepared in the depths of the Arctic for the possible day of the Last Judgment.

There have been few occasions in which through movies, series, etc. … you have not sent subliminal messages about the day the Earth arrives at your n, either by the arrival of a foreign invader, or by the world war or by a possible natural disaster caused by climate change.

In fact, if this happens and the fact of seeing these films full of content, makes us stop to think what would happen to humanity if this actually happened.

How would we survive?

Alarming, right ?, Well, now or rather for a few years, to keep the Earth alive and continue life here, this giant vault has been created to ensure the survival of the human being.

The geographical location of the vault is a secret

Their access is totally restricted and their foundation and support of grants is through the Rockefeller Foundation and the Melinda Foundation and Bill Gates … something that undoubtedly made us think for a while … The story is that this Seed Vault they have founded as Noah’s Ark in the Arctic is supposed to guarantee our survival.

It is known that it is hidden inside a mountain located on a remote island between Norway and the North Pole, the so-called Svalbard Seed Vault is designed to have a rescue plan for humanity.

Svalbard is considered the northernmost place in the world, although it still has regular flights, according to the Crop Foundation, a group that takes over the global seed bank system.

Interestingly, they have chosen the right place, since the facilities are buried in permafrost, the seeds and the species could remain frozen for more than 200 years if the electrical systems fail.

The vault has received seeds from numerous institutions and from almost every country in the world.

Access to the vault, as we said earlier, is restricted, except for some, but for the rest of humanity, seeing its contents is impossible.

According to reports, there are 5 doors with coded locks to prevent access to non-accredited personnel.

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