UFO appears below strange beam of light in Bariloche, Argentina

The photographer took some images of a strange beam of light in a clear sky at the shoreline of Lake Nahuel Huapi Bariloche, Argentina on January 24, 2019.

Hours after, while reviewing the photos, the photographer, who has submitted the images to Mufon, noticed in one of the images a UFO and realized that during the short laps between takes, the UFO must have appeared and vanished in a matter of seconds.

First image shows the strange beam of light only.

Second image shows the UFO below the strange beam of light.

Not only a single beam of light in a clear sky is very unusual but a UFO that appears exactly below the beam of light raises many questions.

Where does this beam of light comes from and could it be that the UFO has emerged from it? Or is it something from another world that has been teleported via this ray of light?

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