The Wings of the Scarab might be the ‘Antigravity’ answer used to build the Great Pyramids in Egypt

The pyramids are one of the greatest enigmas of humanity, even today they are discussing their true function. Science is increasingly surprised by them and their new discoveries. In fact, a few days ago we published an article about a strange discovery made at the Great Pyramid of Giza. 

A team of German and Russian researchers has discovered that the pyramid of Giza in Egypt, centralizes, or rather, conveys electromagnetic energy into the inner chambers and concentrates on the underground fund.

Now some researchers are studying the image of the Egyptian Scarab, called kheperer, become an immortal symbol of Egyptian mythology, one of the favorite icons of those who love or try to imitate the art of this ancient people: the hieroglyph representing the humble dung beetle he pointed to Khepri, the god of dawn, another version of Ra, the sun god. 

The ancient Egyptians believed that the male beetle kept its seed in the balls of dung which then rolled, just as Khepri moved the sun into the sky: for this reason in Egyptian legends the insect became an emblem of genesis, rebirth and life force.

Symbol of life that regenerates itself, the scarab was often depicted together with the symbols of the sun (see photo above) with hawk’s wings and legs as well as the sun disk.

Scrabble and antigravity

Now expert Dan A. Davidison explains the basis of Viktor Grebennikov’s findings and how some bugs actually fly (levitate) and report how a rotating vortex (vortex) creates a magnetic field that neutralizes gravity. A very interesting discovery. An electrostatic effect at the nano level may also occur.

Vortex is a simpler and more direct system to change the balance of the so-called “rays” of gravity, then the motion. The atom is in equilibrium when it is stationary in space, if it receives a motion, the incoming force determines a greater “pressure” towards the containment space of the atom itself along that direction and consequently a “depression” towards the opposite side . This variation of “pressure” alters the outflow of the “depression” of gravity, of the “rays” of gravity, concentrating them towards the point of equilibrium, in the middle of the structure of the atom.

Then the atom comes to present greater gravity all around the central position. If the matter, which has been put into motion, performs a circular movement around an axis, perpendicular to the plane tangent to the earth, an increase in gravity occurs upwards and downwards (as well as radially). But there is also an increase in repulsion from the earth, a value that grows, as the speed increases, until it cancels the force of attraction of the earth’s gravity, and beyond, obtaining an upward motion. The matter subjected to this circular motion also determines other effects, for example it develops magnetic fields, which, if properly collected, can be transformed into energy. This is the antigravity that is created by the “vortex” system.

The beetle is also represented in a crop circle that appeared in a wheat field at Alton Priors, Wiltshire, UK – August 21, 2005

Now with this discovery it is said that perhaps the ancient Egyptians used this technique to build the pyramids. A new and interesting theory that could solve the entire enigma of the construction of these mysterious and enormous buildings. A very curious fact, in the experiment were used the wings of beetles, insects that even the Egyptians worshiped. Could it be the answer?

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