Meteor EXPLODES, shatters windows in Pinar del Río, Cuba – after streaking over Florida Keys

Residents in western Cuba reported on Friday that a small meteorite struck the island, triggering the sounds of a large explosion. No injuries have been reported. 

Cubans quickly took to social media, sharing photos and video footage of the aftermath. Some have likened the explosion to the sounds of a plane. Early social media reports also suggested that the sounds might have been caused by a satellite explosion. 

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“From Pinar del Río it is said that a meteorite has fallen. In the Prehistoric Mural there are reports of stones that have fallen and that do not belong to the tea moulds”

“I just heard a strange explosion… it vibrated super strong,” Flavia Sahira, a resident of Vinales, wrote on Facebook. “Does anybody know what it was?” 

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“In the#muraldelaprehistoria#viñalesthere is the fall of black stones of about 7 CM After a great roar.#Telepinarresearch”

Throwing in his own observations, independent journalist Ignacio Luis Gonzalez Vidal told netizens on Facebook that the sounds were likely caused by a Cuban military plane. However, that hasn’t been confirmed by military officials. 

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This latest incident comes after a tornado struck Havana on January 27, leaving three dead and dozens more injured. According to the BBC, 125 houses collapsed, including 13 educational centers. 

Comment: Maybe there’s something to this concept of ‘February Fireballs’? Earth passes through no particularly significant meteor streams – known ones anyway – in February, and yet we keep getting smacked by big ‘uns in this month. Not only that, but Cuba in particular was hit almost 6 years to the day!

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