The UFO Incident in Kecksburg

This at least curious, incident occurred on December 9, 1965, in the city of Pennsylvania. A huge fireball was seen by thousands of people. According to reports, about six states in addition to the Canadian county of Ontario have been able to see the flash passing in the sky. 

He quickly passed through the cities of Detroit, and Windsor, and allegedly threw his remains of hot metal over the state of Michigan, also reaching northern Ohio. 

As soon as I knew it, the press was soon highlighting the appearance of a meteor, so for the rest of the day. They discarded several alternatives that presented themselves, like a plane that fell, a missile that missed of trajectory or a space trash coming from an artificial satellite.

The problem is that several people have stated that in the small village of Kecksburg, about 50 kilometers from the city of Pittsburgh, that something had fallen near the local forests. 

The police station has not stopped receiving telephone calls, as do local newspapers. Many people wanted to report what they had seen. 

Several wrecks have been reported to have fallen and metal remnants have been found in the cities of Ohio and Michigan. 
Firefighters and some local volunteers said they discovered an acorn-shaped object that was almost the size of a small car, marked by symbols that looked more like Egyptian hieroglyphics. 

See on the map

People reported that there was a strong military presence in the area, which was isolated, and the object found was removed in a truck. To the press, the military said they searched the entire forest and could not find the object. 

The Tribune-Review, a neighboring city of Greensburg, published an article the next morning that said: “Unidentified flying object crashes near Kecksburg . ” The article went on: “The area where the huge object landed was immediately isolated by order of the United States Army and State Police . ” However, a later edition of the newspaper said nothing had been found after authorities searched the area.

What came out in the media as an explanation of what had happened was that a fireball seen by thousands of people was a medium-sized meteor. But explanations about the identity of the Kecksburg object range from alien spacecraft to the debris of Cosmo 96, which was a Soviet probe destined for the planet Venus, but failed to launch and never managed to leave Earth’s atmosphere. 

Similarities with the Nazi bell: 

See the Nazi Bell

NASA made an effort to release some documents that were pertinent to this subject. 40 pages of this document came to be released in the year 2003, however, the Blue Book Project document, which indicated that a three-man team was sent by an Air Force radar near Pittsburgh to investigate the Kecksburg, but nothing had been found, according to the Blue Book Project itself. 

Report: “They drove out of the jungle, and I saw many army trucks that had a white star on the sides, I remember very clearly, 
I swear by the Bible and do a lie detector test.” Indeed, Mr. Jerry Betters. ” 

In December 2005, NASA issued a statement asserting that the metal fragments examined from the object were nothing more than a Russian satellite.

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