A millionaire in Iaşi helps 30 poor children from the streets, invests in their education and makes them prize-winners!

“Ziarul de Iasi” published today a less known issue to the public in the life of the richest woman in the county. A millionaire from IAŞI who is raising 30 children!

Doina Cepalis, the owner of Te-Rox in Pascani, the market leader in Europe for the production of seat belts and car seats for children, grows with the daughter of no less than 30 children. They have set up a foundation, and by this it has gathered these children without material possibilities, even children of the street, to whom they offer home and meal, as well as education. 

“How do you know? I would not have wanted this to be … It’s normal for me to do it. If you succeed in life, it is normal to give something back to the community, “confesses Doina Cepalis.

It has been running this project with a maximum discretion of about 3 years, and some of her children, who would probably have missed it, are now prizewinners at school. “I was impressed by the Proruralis project (initiated by” Ziarul de Iaşi “and ISJ, no), and I thought that if there were 39 Proruralis in the country, Romania would look different,” says the entrepreneur. The story of this beautiful project, in the following lines:

A few people know the “secret” of the well-known business woman Doina Cepalis, who owns in Pascani the Te-Rox Prod group, known as the market leader in Europe for seat belts and car seats for children: along with his daughter , “Grows” no less than 30 poor children, no financial possibilities or even abandoned on the streets. We could say he’s taking care of a whole class. Few know that the entrepreneur set up a foundation with his daughter, Roxana Cepalis, who is also the president of the Light and Gift Association. Through this association, the entrepreneur gathers the needy children and offers them the education and care they need.

“I would not have wanted to be”

“How do you know? I would not have wanted this to be … It’s normal for me to do it. If you succeed in life, it’s normal to give something back to the community. It’s in the beauty of things. That’s what everyone should do. I focused on the kids because they have no blame. I was impressed by the Proruralis project, and I thought that if there were 39 Proruralis in the country, Romania would look different. It is not enough to feed these children, we must also offer them education. I took children who are raised by grandparents who do not have both parents or have one parent and are ill or disabled. I put a bet. Everyone says these street children are coming back in the street. I wanted to show that it’s not like that. If they offer love and education, they will not return to the streets. They are returning to society, “says the entrepreneur.

Her ploy in doing good things also struck bureaucracy.

“We want to take more children, but bureaucracy is very big, it prevents us. But we will continue to fight for them, “said Doina Cepalis, referring to the cumbersome procedures of authorities related to the protection of minors.

We would like to mention that the project Proruralis, mentioned by Doina Cepalis, was founded 15 years ago at the initiative of “Ziarul de Iasi”, in partnership with the County School Inspectorate, which helps, by means of scholarships offered by businessmen, private individuals or societies, in every year, dozens of poor but intelligent children from the rural area to continue high school in Iasi, after graduating from the gymnasium cycle. Only this year, over 90 children with high IQ learn with the help of Proruralis at the best schools in the city.

By setting up a similar association, entrepreneurs managed to transform children who could not read in school, some even with prizes. The association was founded by Doina Cepalis three years ago, and effectively maintains these little ones from scratch, the business woman being them, I would say, adoptive mother.

Translated from extranews.ro

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