Extraterrestrials as Extradimensional Beings and Human Spirituality

Many people have described their extraterrestrial encounters to be spiritual in nature. Many paranormalists believe that we as humans are also extradimensional beings who for the most part, have yet to come close to understanding the spiritual essence of our being.

With spirituality comes the inevitable link to morality and of course religion. One cannot deny the struggle of good against evil throughout human history. Most of the earliest writings known to mankind are considered religious in nature.

Ancient astronaut theory contends that there was extraterrestrial involvement in early human development. Ancient astronaut theorists such as Zecharia Sitchin referenced ancient Sumerian texts as evidence of an extraterrestrial presence at the dawn of modern mankind. Sitchin, author William Bramley and others have also tied the Sumerian writings to the Biblical Books of Genesis, Ezekiel and the apocryphal Book of Enoch.

The Book of Genesis tells of a war between fallen angels and the armies of God. Perhaps the extraterrestrial genetic manipulation and enslavement of early humans violated some kind of galactic or universal law that triggered this war between the evil of slavery and the good of the liberators or enforcers of laws.

The concept of a singularity or “spark” that existed prior to the Big Bang or Creation could certainly be a good intellectual explanation for the monotheistic concept of God the Creator. This would be especially true if we believe that this singularity is a conscious entity who made the decision to spark the Big Bang and create our universe with good intentions. If the intention was free will as the Bible states, then evil must exist for true free will to exist.

Many people throughout history have had a crisis of faith or doubt in the existence of an all knowing God while observing or contemplating the evils of mankind. From our tiny sample size of history there has been enough evil to fill volumes of history books but from the nonlinear time perspective of the conscious singularity creator prior to creation, perhaps the glass is truly half full and good does collectively win out against evil in the grand scheme of all existence.

The time that homo sapiens have existed on Earth vs. the known age of our universe isn’t as if we were born yesterday but rather born just a few minutes ago!

Stories of divine intervention have existed for thousands of years and chronicled most notably in the Biblical Book of Exodus. Many explanations for how natural events could explain these events of divine intervention, such as the parting of the Red Sea, have been provided over the years. Since mankind had little or no concept of modern technology back then, today it is rather easy to explain away events that happened thousands of years ago.

Modern science for the most part ignores what it doesn’t understand, thus leaving an alarming amount of things in our world today unexplained. From UFO/UAP sightings and encounters to unexplained paranormal haunting and demonic possession, modern science offers little to no viable explanations for these events and public ridicule is turned to often in a dismissive manner. I recently saw an internet meme that was funny but still rang chillingly true, “We all make fun of Catholics until we need an exorcism”.

Yet there is one very major event in modern world history that is a strong candidate for having been the target of divine intervention. The technological advances of Nazi Germany during WWII should have made them an easy favorite to win the war and thus conquer the world.

The Wunderwaffe, Die Glocke or “Wonder Weapon” was an aircraft that utilized extraterrestrial antigravity technology to fly with speeds and maneuverability that defied what was then thought to be the laws and limitations of nature.

The Nazis were said to have been given this technology after their occult advisers, the Vril Society, made contact with an extraterrestrial civilization.

On the Allied side, many aviation pilots of various nationalities and religions during the Second World War were based in Bari to undertake missions on Italian territory, and testified to an amazing occurrence. Each time, while flying their mission, they approached the zone of the Gargano, near the San Giovanni Rotondo and saw in the sky a priest, who prevented them from dropping their bombs by stretching out his hands, which bore the wounds of the Stigmata.

Nearly all of the surrounding areas were subjected to repeated bombardment but not one bomb fell on the San Giovanni Rotondo during the war. The San Giovanni Rotondo was the home of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, once famously known as Padre Pio. An Allied General is said to have met Pio after the war at the Rotondo and recognized him as the priest that he had seen in the sky.

In addition to the Stigmata, Pio was also said to have been given the power of bilocation, meaning that he could be in two places simultaneously. As the war progressed, it has been reported that Adolf Hitler began to suffer from schizophrenia.

There were stories of Hitler often having hallucinations of seeing a priest lurking in the shadows of places within the 3rd Reich where a priest would never have been. Perhaps it was Padre Pio, utilizing his ability of bilocation to spy on Nazi leadership and provide valuable intelligence to the Allies’ cause!

The term Foo Fighter also became well known during WWII. Foo Fighters were the name that Allied aircraft pilots in World War II used to describe various UFOs or mysterious aerial phenomena seen in the skies over both the European and Pacific theaters of operations. The Foo Fighters were usually seen as glowing balls of light or metallic saucers moving with incredible speed and maneuverability.

Although some pilots reported having flown directly through a Foo Fighter as if it were a mirage, there were never any reports of damage being done to Allied planes by Foo Fighters. It is entirely possible that the Foo Fighters were a “Divine Intervention”, protecting and aiding the Allied forces against the evil of the Nazi’s, their extraterrestrial inspired Wonder Weapons and the Axis forces that were beset with world domination.

Source medium.com

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