Hale Couple Chased By UFO | UFO CHRONICLE – 1969

Hale Couple Chased By Flying Object - Michigan Bay City Times 3-15-1969

     According to Mr. and Mrs. Larry Johnson, a brightly lighted cigar-shaped object chased their speeding auto through rural Losco county Thursdat night.

By Michigan Bay City Times

“I don’t know what it was,” says Johnson, “but it was just above the trees and stayed right with us.”

“It was like a florescent glow,” she continued, “only a quarter mile behind us and just above the tree tops. It was pale green on the bottom and a blinding yellow on top. We couldn’t see any metal or anything but that’s probably because the thing was so bright.

They say the light followed them for about five miles and then suddenly “stopped” as they neared Hale.

All of a sudden it shot straight up in the air,” Mrs. Johnson recalled.

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