This is Really a Mirage? Glitch in Dimensions?

A Finnish border guard was, quite literally, stopped in their tracks Sunday after a ‘new island’ appeared in the middle of the frozen Lake Inari without warning.

Finland’s Lapland Border Patrol tweeted images of the strange, apparently geological, phenomenon; an impressive feat considering temperatures in the region had plummeted as low as -25 degrees Celsius.

And there was no sight nor sound of any volcanic activity in the area that might explain the sudden appearance of new rock formations, seemingly out of nowhere.

According to RT who refers to comments on Twitter, it was merely an optical illusion, light behaves differently when passing through atmospheric layers, which can lead to mirage-like effects along the horizon, reflecting and refracting distant landscapes in mind-bending ways.

They can say it just an optical illusion but is it possible that the border Patrol has photographed something from another world, a parallel universe, caused by a glitch in dimensions?

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