​Mysterious Lights Spotted In Waters Near British Seaside Town


A pair of strange lights were spotted in the shallows near a British seaside town, leaving locals more than just a bit baffled – with one joking that it could be ‘an alien invasion’.

The bizarre luminous presence was photographed in the waters off Bangor in County Down, Northern Ireland, with many people uploading their images to the Internet to share the mystery.

Local Facebook page Bangor Life shared one person’s photo, writing: “One of our local residents Jackie sent in this photo of mysterious lights under the water.

“She walked round to try and find out what it was.

“[There was] no evidence of divers; i.e. no bubbles and nothing left on the shore line.

“They flickered at times, coming on and off at random intervals. Any idea what they could be? Is this the start of an alien invasion!?”

People had spotted the mysterious lights from the Stricklands Glen area of Bangor.

Another witness, Eve O’Connor, explained the lights had appeared after a ‘strange fog’ lifted, saying: “It was like two pinky peach sheens on the water that were concentrated in the middle.

“There had been a strange on-off fog as soon as we had left for the coastal path. I thought maybe it was the sun breaking through in a strangely specific way.

“I do believe in supernatural occurrences, but if I see something strange I like to first think of what the logical reasons may be behind it.”

But many others have also struggled to find the logic in what happened, with local diver Mark Piper admitting that, while the site was frequented by himself and others, nobody from the local diving community had come forward to say it was them.

“I asked around the two local clubs but no takers,” he said.

“It’s a popular site at this time of year so it could be anybody really.”

Some people didn’t seem phased in the slightest by the odd light show, with a few making the inevitable Brexit jokes.

“It’s Theresa May trying to find somewhere useful to put the Irish border after Brexit,” one person commented.

Another quipped that it must have been a ‘dreadnought class British submarine getting ready for Brexit’.

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