UFO Lands, Stalls Cars Before Leaving Area | UFO CHRONICLE – 1957

Sky Phantom Stalls Cars in Texas - Deseret News and Telegram 11-8-1957

     Dozens of persons in this west Texas area told of spotting a brightly lighted phantom object squat in the roadways and take to the air Saturday nigt and early Sunday.
By Deseret News and Telegram

Sheriff Weir Clem, who said he observed the phenomenon personally, reported one witness, James D. Long, a truck driver from Waco, Tex., fainted from fright.

Clem and Long drove to the object while it appeared to be halted in a road about 4 miles west of Levelland, which is 32 miles west of Lubbock.

Long reported the object, about 200 feet long and shaped like an egg, “cut off the engine and lights on his truck.” When the object took off again, Long told the sheriff, his engine and lights came back on.

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