California man arrested after street fight involving bat, metal rod

A street fight in Fresno, California left one man in the hospital. Police arrested 61-year-old Philip Lester for assault with a deadly weapon. According to police, two men were fighting in the street, one of them has a bat and the other holding a metal rod.Advertisement – Story continues below Police say Lester took the […]

Married Man Spends $76,000 To Look Like The ‘Perfect Woman’

Fulvia Pellegrino, 56, is a transgender woman. She recently spent more than $76,000 to change her body to look like a woman.. According to reports, Fulvia has undergone more than 150 lip and cheekbone fillers, two sessions of liposuction, and four breast implants. Fulvia was fully supported by her wife, Marisa. Fulvia was born and […]

Former U.S. Intelligence Officials to Investigate UFOs In New History Channel Series

Former high-level officials will investigate UFOs in newlimited History channel non-fiction series launching in May.       The History channel recently announced a limited non-fiction UFO investigation series featuring officials who have held positions at the highest level of government, including a man who before recently retiring ran an ongoing secretive UFO project at […]

UFOs Are Time Machines From The Future, Says Professor | VIDEO

     Many people believe UFOs visit Earth from other planets far, far away. A Montana Tech professor believes UFOs are much closer to home. By John Emeighkxlf.com3-23-19 “The phenomenon may be our own distant descendants coming back through time to study us in their own evolutionary past,” said Michael P. Masters.

The 5 Most Credible Modern UFO Sightings

Let’s revisit five of the most believable UFO sightings of the 21st century. In 2017, several news organizations revealed the existence of the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP), a U.S. government-funded investigation into unidentified flying objects from 2007 to 2012. This secret $22 million program, however, was not the first of its kind. Official […]

Finland To Become The First Country In The World To Get Rid Of All School Subjects

It’s no secret that the modern day education system, particularly in North America, desperately needs to be reformed. Children graduate from high school not understanding how to produce their own food, pay their taxes, or accomplish many everyday, “real world” activities. The education system’s sole purpose should be to educate us in order to better ourselves […]

Meet the Female Inventor Behind Mass-Market Paper Bags

Update, March 28, 2019: Listen to the story of Margaret Knight in this podcast episode from American Innovations “XX Factor” series that was developed in a partnership between Smithsonian magazine and Wondery. It’s natural to think about the processes that produced the food in your daily sack lunch, but have you ever stopped to consider […]

The Unsolved Mystery of the Lubbock Lights UFO Sightings

Hundreds of people, including several university scientists, witnessed the flying blue-green lights in August 1951. One person even took photos. August 25, 1951 was a quiet summer night in Lubbock, Texas. That evening, a handful of scientists from Texas Technical College were hanging out in the backyard of geology professor Dr. W.I. Robinson, drinking tea […]

Dogs Can Smell Epileptic Seizures, Study Finds – D-brief

Researchers say dogs can be trained to use their extraordinary sense of smell to detect seizures. (Credit: Medvedeva Oxana / shutterstuck) People have long known that the canine sense of smell is a powerful tool. Dogs lend their super snouts to help find missing people, illegal drugs, and even screen for diseases like malaria and cancer. […]

Oxford Scientists Suggest That Aliens Aren’t Extinct, Just Hibernating

Extraterrestrials may be biding their time, waiting for a more ideal universe. Missing, Or Sleeping? During a lunchtime conversation in 1950, Enrico Fermi, the “architect of the nuclear age” who built the world’s first nuclear reactor, posed a question that has resulted in decades of research and hundreds of published papers: “Where is everybody?” This is […]

Deep-fried lizard, possibly salted egg flavoured, found inside Irvins Salted Egg Fish Skin packet

Update, Jan. 2, 2019, 3pm: Irvins has apologised for this incident, is recalling products and is offering refunds. Details here. Jane Holloway’s family were eating some salted egg fish skin when they noticed something amiss.Advertisement Instead of the usual anatomy-less fish skin one would come to expect, they were greeted with a stiff four-legged reptilian creature. Here […]