Machines from biomaterials becomes a Reality

Scientists have created simple machines made of biomaterials with the properties of living things. These so-called “living machines” have the properties of living things despite being human-engineered machines.

As a genetic material, DNA is responsible for all known life. But DNA is also a polymer. Tapping into the unique nature of the molecule, Cornell engineers have created simple machines constructed of biomaterials with properties of living things.

“We are introducing a brand-new, lifelike material concept powered by its very own artificial metabolism.We are not making something that’s alive, but we are creating materials that are much more lifelike than have ever been seen before,” said Dan Luo, professor of biological and environmental engineering in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Using DASH, the Cornell engineers created a biomaterial that can autonomously emerge from its nanoscale building blocks and arrange itself – first into polymers and eventually mesoscale shapes, reports

RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports on the breakthrough.

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