ET / Inner Earth Door on Mt Adams Opens

James Gilliliand had no idea about the ships and the ETs in the area before he moved to ECETI Ranch. But pretty soon after he moved in they started appearing regularly.

The UFOs are often out of the range of out physical eyes yet cameras especially digital can pick up more of the light spectrum and peek into other dimensions occasionally.

Although we don’t understand everything that happens, one thing is for sure, unprecedented events are unfolding at the Gilliland Ranch that have the potential to change the course and destiny of Humanity and the Earth.

The last strange event occurred on June 23, 2019 when an ET inner earth door on Mt Adams opened as a reaction to James Gilliland when he knocked on the door with a laser from the ECETI Ranch. Filmed by Peter Maxwell Slattery with Colored Night Vision.

  [embedded content][embedded content]

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