Hoffman Claims Elizondo Spoke about Contents of Congressional Briefings

Two Senators and even the President have gone on record recently confirming they have been briefed on UFOs in closed door classified meetings. These briefings have occurred directly because of the work of To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science.

Senator Mark Warner:

[embedded content]

Senator Jeanne Shaheen:

“We have been briefed. It was a classified briefing so I’m not allowed to talk about it. But if you were to ask me personally do I believe there are UFOs, I think that there are events that have happened that have not been explained adequately.”

President Trump:

[embedded content]

Now we allegedly know what may have been included in these briefings. A story Silva Record has been following and reported on in various blogs since day one is the existence of longer, different and more compelling government UFO videos. Months ago I even speculated about what the classified parts of the videos may contain. TTSA members and others have spoken about the existence of the videosmany times since the original release of the Flir (Tic-tac), Gimbal and Go Fast videos.

Lue Elizondo said to George Knapp during Coast to Coast AM on July 15th, 2018:

“I think (leadership) are owed the facts behind these videos, but all the videos, not just the three. I think people look at the three and say, “oh, there’s only three videos.” That’s simply not the case and those who need to see the rest of the videos will.”

When George Knapp asked Elizondo to characterize the other videos, Mr. Elizondo stated they were:

“Better, very compelling and better.”

Now on July 3rd, 2019 Rich Hoffman (of the SCU) commented via Facebook regarding what Luis Elizondo said to him. According to Rich Hoffman, recounting what Elizondo allegedly told him, politicians and officials who were included in these briefings have seen the classified UFO videos. I share this quote with Mr. Hoffman’s permission:

“Lue Elizondo told me straight out that these clips are not the whole video. That, in fact there was incredible evidence showing performance beyond our capabilities in the remaining portions that are indeed classified. The general public is getting just a taste, but not the full meal. The Senators got the full meal in the recent briefings.”

I can only speculate the briefing Trump himself confirmed took place included these videos or he at least has access to them since others allegedly do. Despite speculations over the past 70 years, we can now make an educated guess and point to circumstantial evidence that a sitting president of the United States has seen or at least had access to classified UFO videos.

Tucker Carlson interviewed president trump in a conversation that will air tomorrow, July 5th, 2019. (This article will be updated then.) Will Trump make comments similar to the ones he made to George Stephanopoulos or will he elaborate further? Did these briefings and videos influence the president’s recent comments? Interviews and comments aside how will these videos influence the president, the senate and policy moving forward?

Update #1:

Tucker Carlson to President Trump:

“Are they (UFOs) real?”

Source silvarecord.com

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