Alien Awakening Is Coming with New Engineers || Official Updates

After two years since Alien Covenant release, we finally get some really promising news about the sequel. In the last 8 months, many details and subtle clues have come out about the plot of the next alien installment. In addition, a few weeks ago variety magazine reported that Ridley Scott is assigned as a director to the alien sequel.

Let’s first start with Disney Fox deal and how it would affect the future of Alien Franchise. Fox and Disney spent quite a while negotiating and finalizing the acquisition. Now that the merger is done, it was officially reported that Disney spent 71 billion dollars for the acquisition of Fox priorities which include Alien and Predator franchises along with many Marvel-related characters and more.

This is already a good indicator that we are going to see alien movies in the near future and possibly alien tv series. In fact in February 2019 there have been reports about two Alien TV shows in development with Ridley Scott as executive produce which would appear on Hulu streaming service. It will be interesting to see how Ridley can apply tv series format to alien universe since we’ve never seen it done before.

Finally let’s talk about variety magazine report that came out a few weeks ago following the 40th anniversary of alien. They asked Ridley Scott about future of alien franchise and we actually got an really promising update.

Ridley said that he is talking to Disney about the alien sequel and that the script for this movie is currently being written.

Scott is also already assigned as a director so I think it’s fair to say that we can expect more updates in the near future.

However I think we might see the tv series first before the sequel and I don’t think the tv series will be related to the movie. it’s highly likely that they will be focused on xenomorphs while alien awakening will be connecting david and engineers storyline to the original alien of 1979.

Also at CinemaCon 2019, Disney executives officially confirmed that they do have plans to continue alien films, which is really exciting news.
In November 2018, more details have come out about the plot of Alien Awakening coming from Alien Covenant screenwriter John Logan during an interview with Empire Magazine.

According to him, the story will follow android David who will be perused by vengeful engineers after they discovered that he committed genocide on their planet. The chase would lead to LV-426 where a battle between Engineers and David’s army of xenomorphs will take place. Based on that description, Alien Awakening will most likely finally connect prequels to the original alien of 1979.

Obviously the script might change in the writing process but even from this shot summary, we can extract some important detail that gives us a bigger context. If the engineers will be persuing David, they will have to operate a juggernaut or another type of the ship which is probably beyond the abilities of people from the planet 4.

In Alien Covenant, humanoid beings who lived on the planet 4 were amazed when they saw David’s ship, which indicates that their technology is far behind whatever was left on LV-223.

Therefore If in Alien Awakening we’ll see engineers chasing David they cannot be the survivors from the planet 4 instead There are two possibilities of what kind of engineers we’re going to see.

The first possibility is that Alien Awakening will feature a completely different group of engineers that we haven’t seen previously. Since nobody came to LV-223 after the accident to destroy the virus or rescue what was left then it’s highly likely that there are no more Engineers left or that kind. In this case I think that the engineers who will be chasing David would be the space jockey type of Engineers.

Since the space jockey in Alien of 1979 was way bigger than the engineer in Prometheus, it may indicate that these are two different races of Engineers or that the space Jockeys created Prometheus Engineers.

The second one is that the engineers chasing David would be an advanced version of Engineers that we saw in Prometheus. Since the accident happened about 2 thousand years ago and assuming there were still more engineers left on other plants, their technology should have significantly advanced.

The planet 4 was a biological experiment or a seeded planet just like Earth so once the actual engineers return and see what David did they will pursue him to stop the spread of the xenovirus that he is perfecting. In this case LV 223 was a closed military based that was abandoned 2000 years ago.

During that time the Engineers should have significantly advanced to the point that in Alien Awakening they will look very different from Prometheus Engineers.

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