Rectangular UFOs seen above Brazil, Mexico and Hawaii

What are these rectangular UFOs in the skies over Araguan, Brazil, Aztec, New Mexico and Maui, Hawaii. Are these objects the latest developments in the field of hand-made UFOs similar to the Tic Tac UFOs and the Cube in Sphere UFOs seen by the US Navy?

On July 2, 2019 rectangles UFOs have been photographed while flying over Araguan, Brazil and Aztec, New Mexico.

The photographer who took a photo of the square/rectangle UFO over Araguan, Brazil says:

While living in Araguari, MG Brazil I liked to photograph contrails and in Araguari there was no shortage of interesting contrail patterns daily. 

Anyway, while looking at my photos on my laptop I noticed a strange object. At first I thought it might have been caused by some sort of malfunction of the curtain or dust on the sensor.

As I zoomed in to the object it looked more like a door, a pure black door with what looked to be 2 emissions coming out of two of the corners of this door/ portal. Mufon case 102315.

The Photographer who took an image of a square/rectangle UFO over Aztec, Mexico says:

My wife was taking pictures of the clouds in the east at sunset. A few minutes after taking the pictures she noticed this saucer or cigar shaped object in one of the pictures. Mufon case 102318.

And last month, June 2019, a photographed took an image of a square/rectangle UFO over Maui, Hawaii.

This photographer said: While driving up mount Haleakala in Maui I took this picture and didnt notice anything until weeks later when i was going over my vacation photos.

The object was not seen live. The object was in only one frame, nothing before or after. Unkown altitude but as you can see it was above the cloud line. Mufon case 101379.

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