‘We Should Be Prepared To Kill Aliens’–Scientist Guy Harrison

(Source)–Scientists often kill animals — that’s just a grisly fact of biological research.

But it’s a bit more complicated in the theoretical future where we’ve made first contact with extraterrestrial life. At that point, science author Guy Harrison argues in a Psychology Today op-ed that biologists may have to come to terms with killing alien life in the name of scientific progress — which raises a difficult question: at what point does scientific inquiry outweigh the value of life?

Harrison suggests guidelines that future biologists may find helpful. For instance, any extraterrestrial life that shows signs of intelligence ought to be spared. In that case, we may be able to learn about the alien lifeform by using our words instead of our scalpels.

Okay so it sounds like this scientist, Guy Harrison, doesn’t mean Independence Day killing

but more like E.T. version of killing aliens

Which, if you ask me, makes this Guy Harrison dude…a fucking PSYCHOPATH. “Hey everyone….DIBS on cutting open the first alien we find. I am mentally prepared to do that. Even wrote an op-ed, so yeah…get in line”. Like hey man, why don’t you just chill out? There’s no need to tell everyone that you’re blood thirsty for things that we don’t even have confirmation if they exist or not. Nobody needs to be “prepared” for that event. If we have to kill them in a space war, so be it. If we find some other alien life form that we are smarter than then maybe, just maybe, we should let them be. We don’t need to kill everything we find. Just this once let’s take a different approach.

And Dr Harrison…if you’re not already cutting open aliens, then you’re not going to be the one the government calls to cut open the new aliens. That is a fact.

PS: I was digging through my own old alien tweets for this blog(there are more than I care to admit) and came across this one from 2016. Forgot all about this stuff from wikileaks. Why is nobody talking about this?

Source www.barstoolsports.com

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