South Carolina Man Captures UFO On Video

UFOs Recorded Over Ballantyne and Lake Norman, South Carolina 7-19-19
A Rock Hill, South Carolina, man says he saw a UFO, with video showing it. Richard Heath said he saw a rotating sphere with lights in the sky in Rock Hill and Chester. (Credit: Hannah Smoot / Charlotte Observer)

     Startled residents reported seeing bright, silent mysterious objects hovering over Ballantyne and Lake Norman on the same recent night.

The sightings came within hours of each other late July 19 and early July 20.

By Joe Marusak
The Charlotte Observer

A self-described pilot and “keen observer of the skies” who “does not believe in UFOs” saw more than 100 flying objects “of bright light” above Ballantyne in south Charlotte for 20 minutes late on July 19, according to the person’s report on the National UFO Reporting Center website, The person was not identified.

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