Fully Functional Flying Saucer Created By Romanian Engineers

ADIFO - All-Directional Flying Object

The “All-Directional Flying Object” is a proof of concept
that’s the result of more than two decades of engineering work.

     Against a clear blue sky, a craft that looks strikingly similar to two pie plates stacked atop each other suddenly ascends into the air. Swiftly charging forward, as the object passes by, it’s nearly impossible not to suddenly feel a kinship with pilot
By Tim McMillan

Kenneth Arnold. However, unlike Arnold and his famous 1947 flying saucer sighting, this particular flying object isn’t unidentified. Instead, this is the brainchild of Romanian engineer Razvan Sabie and aerodynamicist Iosif Taposu, who claim they’ve developed a fully functional flying saucer.

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