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My wife asked me this morning two Great questions

1. If you’re going to approach Area 51 what would you do as a protester leader?

I would do everything opposite what they’re doing for sure.

I would go nonviolent… I would take approximately 100 people, at different times…

Do not go past the gate.

Take a political figures with me… And To represent your full community in a positive way.

Forget the violets in the screaming and the idiocy. You’re not going to catch bees with vinegar forget it… You’re going to get stung.

Be nice to be kind…

Make sure the news people are there…

They are going to confiscate Cameras… So you have to use live feed.

That will bring the news media out there quickly. By helicopters

You’ll get a lot better results this way. Honey around bees works… The quick stinging and eat the honey… Vinegar and never works… Go to get a lot of people are hurt for no reason…. And A lot of bad press. You want… Unless you’re George Soros and you set the event up.

2. If you’re going to repel these people what would you do as a military officer (like you did in Korea with three riots, you quelled at one time, with no injuries to anyone, police or offenders).

Logistics for the key. It’s a 2 Lane Hwy., many miles through hot desert.

Nonlethal weapons. And nonlethal tactics would be used.

(most important is I’m going to have my own people, looking like protesters, in their midst). Purposes to remove the real problem people… Especially the wild ones will often carry a weapon… To try to incite violence… To try to agitate the military to shoot. That is the professional agitators real purpose. That’s the intelligence portion of it, what’s rest of those people should be charged with federal crimes of treason. The rest of these folks were there for the show )

The first people arrested up to a couple hundred…
It is likely they’ll be taken by bus interior 51… Put on a Janet transport back to Las Vegas.. And
Will be arranged in front of a federal magistrate on camera.

This is not to George Soros show, where you get to go go’s a disruption in Congress, and have the Washington police arrest you, can you get your fine pay before you ever go to jail.
You get arraigned in front of a federal magistrate. video will be shown of your crimes.
You will in a holding cell and charged… With the appropriate charges. It is likely you will be sentenced to six months to two years… Assuming you didn’t do anything violent.
That will probably be put own TV. And people realize this is the local George Soros show in Washington DC.
These folks business.

In the meanwhile I can area 51:

Several large antipersonnel carriers, Will block the road so that you can’t go anywhere around them.
They will be special water cannons there that are sufficient. This is not going to be a fun day for somebody.

If that’s not fun enough, special tear gas (we call riot gas) Will be fired overhead for several hundred feet.

This will be fired above everybody, they explode like a giant fire cracker, those little tiny grains of this horrible gas yep all over everybody.
The first thing you notice is that it gets on your skin… That’s easy part.
It burns really bad, especially when mixed with hot weather and sweat.

You will run away…
The next effects of this right gas is:
You will throw up immediately and continuously…
You’re part of the show is over.
You will not want to come back.

As soon as these people surrounding two other people for help to get drenched with gallons of water…

Who wants to be next.?
There are plenty more surprises for all where that came from.

Nonlethal techniques would be used for sure.

After everybody sits out there for hours. In hundred and 112° weather… And freezing at night… Running out of water…. Gas… Food… It’s not going to be a fun experience.

The Wackenhut boys Will be backup… But preferably not needed… These are not nice people… And given the order they will fire….
I don’t like them.
Use them behind gates as a last resort for intimidation;

In the worst case scenario they (the massive crowd) get to the gate (which ain’t going to happen)… And like some of the city riots somebody brings a gun or more… And several of the agitators starts shooting… this sort of activity is done by professional agitator/rioters.
Purposes to get The military to shoot into the crowd.
You have to realize these are police officers… Defending some stores. Normally they would Let you burn them down.
As I said these are not police officers. These are trained military riot control officers. You’re reaching the top secret installation. Deadly force can be used. That would be a bad idea by the military. Make no mistake they will do it if ordered to do so

Won’t happen. However in a worst-case scenario (which will not be allowed to happen)…

I will bring my first squad up with shotguns, and called In order for ground fire,
Small little b.b’s (#6), Will be fired at the ground,

They will be Bouncing all over people from the knees down. First row people will fall to the ground screaming. Who is going want to walk over the screaming people to get theirs.

The squad has six more rounds… Plenty more where that come from. There’s two more squads behind them… With bayonets.

The bayonets are not used on people… There used to intimidate. Basically you’re not going to get beyond the fence.

You Going to be allowed to penetrate a top-secret inflation

Even if you do… Even if the military let you go through there…
You got 10 miles of walking through cactus, rocks, rattlesnakes, you run out of water drop from exhaustion, you’re going to find out what the illegal aliens find out desert of Texas in Arizona,,, you might die from exposure and lack of water,,, before you get to your destination.

In the movie Independence Day… You see everybody drove across the desert to area 51. You better look look at the area again… You’re going to need a 4 Wheel Dr…. You’re probably going to ruin your car… And what is the let you get that far.
It ain’t going to happen.

(George Soros has sponsored disorder events in other countries… That’s why he’s been banned from them). How he gets away with it here I don’t know.

Derrel Sims, The Alien Hunter

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