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On August 11th, Discovery UK started UFO Night on Sundays, and Alien Highway is featured. So, here we go again, for the next 7 weeks England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be introduced to us. There are Alien Highways all over the world. 👽👀🛸

Chuck Zukowski on Discovery UK Facebook,

Salem isn’t too far from Piedmont Missouri, which was home of the 1973 Piedmont UFO Flap incident. Starting in February 1973 police in Piedmont, Mo., received over 500 reports of UFO sightings in this rural area. In a densely populated area covered with forest, Wayne County is between two major man-made lakes, Clearwater and Wappapello.

[As reported from the MUFON website]
In 1973, High school basketball coach Bone with two team managers and three of his players were returning home along U.S. Highway 60 near Ellsinore, Mo., about 20 miles south of Piedmont. They were in poor spirits after losing a crucial tournament game by seven points and were rehashing their defeat. Suddenly coach Bone, who was driving, noticed a “bright shaft of light beaming down out of the sky.”

A few miles later as the car passed through the Brushy Creek area, player Randal Holmes noticed something else. “Look!” he shouted. “There’s that thing we saw back on Highway 60!” Bone pulled over to the side of the road and the six piled out.

It looked like it was about 200 yards off the road hovering over an open field,” Bone said later, “It was impossible to determine the size or shape because of the darkness. (Investigators from the International UFO Bureau (IUFOB) of Oklahoma City later estimated the object probably was about 400 feet above the ground.) Bone said, “We saw four lights that looked like portholes: red, green, amber and white. We figured they were about three or four feet apart, all in a row.” “We just stood there and watched it for about 10 minutes,” Cary Barks, another witness, added. “Then all of a sudden the lights went directly up in the air with absolutely no noise and just disappeared over a hill.

Note: As of today, people are still seeing strange objects and lights in the sky there. Was the 1973 UFO Flap the beginning of making Piedmont and Salem their new home?

Dan Zukowski on Discovery UK Twitter.
Chuck Zukowski and Heather Taddy discussing the UFO Ring investigation.

Dr. Emmet Reary’s chiropractic office in Salem, Missouri, is a focal point for locals to come and discuss their UFO experiences with him. Emmet is a UFO researcher/investigator who follows-up on the local sightings. He told us about a ranch house nearby that had experienced a UFO landing on its property. A large ring was left in the soil, so we went to that location to investigate it.

Chuck Zukowski at UFO Ring anomaly checking for electro-magnetic fields.

While filming at the location of the “ring”, Jason, one of our cameramen, experienced issues with his camera. It simply reset, leaving Jason completely puzzled because this has never happened before. As an investigator, I’ve seen equipment reset, shut down, and batteries drain in high electro-magnetic field areas. Upon seeing the camera reset, I ran to my truck, grabbed my EMF meter and headed back to the “ring”. My meter in electro-magnetic mode, was vigorously spiking which was very unusual. There was definitely residual energy left by something? Another event occurred that didn’t make the episode, our drone pilot was shooting footage overhead, and when he went to land his drone, the auto-landing function didn’t work. The drone’s cameras and sonar system couldn’t find the ground near the ring. He had to move the drone in flight away from the ring to land it. Very strange indeed.

Chuck Zukowski interviewing Shane Hoornaert.

Shane was a pleasure to interview, and his story isn’t really that unusual. I’ve interviewed many hunters who have seen strange things they can’t explain. Besides seeing “Balls of Light”, Shane and his buddies even experienced strange looking deer within the herd. I’ve heard this before too! Some think they may be holographic or some type of camouflaged entity running their own research. Our government is working on holographic camouflage, so it’s not that “far fetched” of an idea.

Clearwater Lake, Missouri.

Many people have seen strange objects hovering or coming out of this man-made lake in the past.

Dan Zukowski interviewing Jean Coleman.

During the 1973 UFO Flap, Jean Coleman witnessed a craft hovering over the lake.

Gary Hart at Elephant Rock

Gary Hart is a UFO researcher/investigator and tracks UFO’s near earthquake fault lines. His data shows, if you see UFO’s near a fault line, then an earthquake may occur there. His theory is based on energy being released from the fault line just before an earthquake. His data also showed a series of fault lines and under ground anomalies which focused in the area of Clearwater lake.

Binary Light Experiment at Clearwater Lake.

My binary light experiment was set up on the shore of Clearwater lake at night. It’s a 16 channel light array that flashes binary sequences mimicking a 16 bit register. In a binary sequence, it flashes our alphabet, then counts from 1 to 26 ( number of letters in the alphabet ), then does an alpha-numeric count, then spells out simple two letter words like, “Hi”, “We”, “Me”, then starts repeating all over again. Before each light sequence starts, it flashes the most significant bit, then flashes all 16 lights in order from that bit, showing the direction of the counting registers.

Full MUFON report of the 1973 Piedmont sightings:—1973.html

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