The Triangle UFO Mystery of Kaikoura, New Zealand

Image Analysis Team: We disclose this information for no reason other than to inform the film crew, pilot and co-pilot of what they really witnessed four decades ago. We hope to draw the interest of those who were involved. The people that were present DESERVE TO KNOW THE TRUTH as the New Zealand Defense Force […]

Alien Highway, No 2nd Season. – Chuck Zukowski UFO/Paranormal Investigations

Heather Taddy, Chuck Zukowski, Daniel Zukowski I wasn’t looking forward to writing the possibility of this blog but, it was a great ride while it lasted. It appears we came up short with Travel Channel’s specific target audience, so the plug was pulled on an Alien Highway Season 2.  The email sent to me from […]

One Protein Makes Ebola Deadly. Scientists Can Turn it Off – D-brief

A sign in the Democratic Republic of the Congo warns people that Ebola is in the area. (Credit: Sergey Uryadnikov/Shutterstock) The Ebola virus continues to ravage populations across Africa. But earlier this week, researchers reported that they’ve figured out what makes Ebola just so virulent. One particular protein is giving Ebola its punch, and researchers […]

Jesse Long describes his amazing alien abduction story

As you can imagine, I have seen a lot of videos. Many of them where people claiming to have been the victims of alien abductions speak about what they feel happened to them.  Few of these alien abduction videos have been as fascinating as the alien abduction case of Jesse Long. Jesse Long reports having […]

Misophonia, Or Why I Hate the Sound of Chewing Salad – The Crux

Misophonia is an aversive reaction to specific sounds that emerges in childhood, most often with annoyance that quickly turns to anger. (Credit: mamaza/Shutterstock) It was the salads that got me. On nights when my parents started off dinner with some leafy greens, I left the room. The habit quickly became a ritual, and to my […]

NASA CubeSat will Test Lunar Space Station Orbit – D-brief

The space agency hopes Lunar Gateway can serve as a jumping off point for exploring the Moon. First, NASA plans to test out the space station’s intended orbit. (Credit: NASA) NASA hopes to put humans back on the moon by 2024, starting with an orbiting space station dubbed Lunar Gateway. And the space agency is […]

Navy Investigated Leaked UFO Footage

     The “FLIR1” footage is of an unidentified flying object (UFO) seen in 2004 by pilots flying with the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group during training missions off the coast of San Diego. However, the video was never meant to be seen by the public, and that was a concern to the Navy. In recent […]

Airspace Closures For ‘Storm Area 51’

     Maybe the most aggravating and stupid online movement I have seen in a long while is “Storm Area 51.” You can read about its ridiculous backstory here, but even the guy that inadvertently started it and the website that promoted it is now By Tyler RogowayThe War Zone9-15-19 warning potential ‘stormers’ that they […]

370. Rob Shelsky

370. Rob Shelsky Subscribe to full shows for $2 or more per month. Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates, guest Rob Shelsky discusses his years of interest, his UFO encounters, missing time in his family and his thoughts on a various amount of topics including the moon. Show Notes

369A. Victorian UFO Action

After meeting an Australian fan of the show (Chris Dunn) in this group I gathered them up and asked what they had to say about UFOs in Australia, they discussed some interesting cases. They also had a trip planned to Socorro, the Roswell Debris field and more with visiting the States. From left to right: […]