Aliens? “We Are Not Alone,” Claims Rolling Stones’ Ex

Jo Wood Sighting in Brazil

Rolling Stone ex Jo Wood is known for her interest in all things alternative, but her own close encounters of the extraterrestrial kind take this passion to another level. Crazy or credible? You decide…

     The first time I saw a UFO, I was on a beach in Recife on the eastern coast of Brazil more than 20 years ago, but I’ll never forget that night. I was on holiday with my Rolling Stone ex-husband Ronnie, when one evening around midnight I heard him shout, ‘Jo, come outside!’ I assumed something awful had happened and raced out of our beach hut.
By Jo Wood and Hanna Woodside

Hovering over the ocean was this strange object. There were lights shining down from it that reflected off the water. I watched as it slowly rose up and glided sideways across the sky. Then suddenly – whoosh – it zoomed off at supersonic speed and was gone.

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