Strange ‘shiny gel’ found on ‘dark side of the Moon’ by Chinese probe – and space scientists are baffled

CHINA’S lunar rover has found a mysterious ‘gel-like’ substance on the far side of the Moon.

The Yutu-2 rover made the discovery when it rolled over a ‘sticky’ area at the bottom of a crater that was made from a recent impact.

China’s space agency has described the substance as a “gel with a mysterious lustre”.

The agency hasn’t revealed what this Moon jelly might be, leading other scientists to speculate.

According to, the material could actually be glass created from the heat of whatever crashed into the Moon to leave the crater.

The discovery of the shiny substance was actually made back in July but the Chinese Space Agency hasn’t released any photos yet.

However, they have described it in the rover’s drive diary.

The ‘gel’ was said to stand out because it was different in shape, colour and texture to the rest of the crater.

Yutu-2, also referred to as the Jade Rabbit 2, examined the crater with its Visible and Near-Infrared Spectrometer (VNIS).

This technology is able to determine the chemical composition of a substance by analysing the light that reflects from its surfaces.

It won’t be able to tell for sure if the substance is a squishy gel or hardened molten though so further analysis is still needed.

Yutu-2 is still exploring the dark side of the Moon for new discoveries.

It was released on the Moon back in January when China’s Chang’e 4 lander reached the “dark side” of the lunar surface.

It is popularly called the “dark side” because it can’t be seen from Earth and is relatively unknown, not because it lacks sunlight.

In other news, a bonkers lift from Earth to the Moon has been proposed by scientists in a mad bid to cut the cost of space travel.

Nasa’s chief wants Pluto to be classified as a planet again.

And, an Earth-sized rocky planet has been found orbiting a nearby star – and there is a chance it could be habitable.

What do you think of this Moon gel discovery? Let us know in the comments!

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