Mysterious glowing UFO travels at high speed towards Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas

A strange bright object has been filmed at the moment it travels at an enormous speed towards La Madre Mountain near Red Rock Canyon just west of Las Vegas at 9:12 P.M. on August 10, 2019.

The sky-watcher describes his UFO encounter as follows:

I was out sky watching in my backyard using my Luna Optics LN-DM50-HRSD Digital Night Vision Monocular and Recorder to shoot video of an orb-like object that was slowly moving from what appeared to be the foothills of the Sheep Mountains towards La Madre Mountain near Red Rock Canyon just west of Las Vegas.

While using the Luna Optics Monocular and Recorder. It does not record audio nor does it have any external viewing screen so I must always be looking through the eyepiece so that I can remain on the target object.

As the orb-like object was within an estimated three miles or so of my location I could see another very bright elongated cigar-shaped object speed past the orb-like object.

Map shows the location and direction of the glowing UFO.

I knew immediately that it was something special but it was moving so rapidly there was no way I could even try to follow it.

Once I took the video inside to have a look at it I was very surprised to see what appeared to be cigar-shaped white light that was perfectly uniform in shape.

I also notice if there was absolutely no sound at all for either object that moved through the screen in the video. I had to stop shooting video of both objects because a tree in my yard and my home were in the way.

I recommend to watch the Mufon UFO-video at Ufostalker.

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