Flaming object drops from sky and crashes in Dalcahue, Chile and it looks like it wasn’t natural

Last week on September 25, 2019 a flaming object was photographed in the sky of Dalcahue in Chile just before it crashed to the ground.

After investigation Chile’s National Service of Geology and Mining has ruled out that the object that left a burning spot on the ground, has been a small meteorite.

So, what are we dealing with here? Just some super-heated space junk reentering the atmosphere or is someone testing their space lasers?

According to Cnet – including video news report┬áthe geologists who investigated the scenes told TVN they’re performing a more detailed analysis of soil samples and will release their conclusions later in October, though it makes sense to ensure they haven’t collected some other sort of metal.

In fact we are talking about an Unidentified Flying Object(UFO) that dropped from the sky.

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