UFOs or Flare Drop Off Coast of North Carolina? | VIDEO

Ferry Rider Records UFOs Off Coast of North Carolina? | VIDEO

     A video, labeled as a “REAL UFO SIGHTING” was recently posted to YouTube by user William Guy. The account is brand new and contains only the one video (see below), presumably precipitated by the recorded sighting.
By Frank Warren
TheUFO Chronicles

There is no report or synopsis presented with said video; however, Guy in response to queries in the comment section wrote, “I was on a fiery [sic] traveling from Ocracoke Village to Swan Quarters North Carolina.”

In response to another question as to why the video was so short, he wrote: “Sorry it was short had to edit [emphasis added] it down it wouldn’t let me share the whole video but it was only about min and half long but they disappeared but came back about 2 mins later then one by one they disappeared.”

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