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Investigation at the Sunnyside Cemetery in Victor Colorado. This cemetery is unique in that its residents are buried on “surface ground” due to gold mine tunnels which run underneath them. This is one of Colorado’s oldest cemeteries dating back to 1890.

Some of the cemetery’s residents are miners who died working the gold mines. In January of 1904 as a result of a mining accident at the Stratton Independence Mine, located near the city, fifteen men died and a sixteenth was severely injured when the cable snapped from the lift cage they were being hoisted up in. They dropped all the way down the mine shaft to their deaths.

We experienced some interesting things while running our investigation, it was definitely an exciting October night.

I’d like to thank the city of Victor for granting me permission to run this investigation. If you ever get an opportunity to visit Cripple Creek outside of Colorado Springs, don’t forget to visit it’s close neighbor, Victor. You’ll really enjoy taking a step back into time in a small town atmosphere.

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For the past 30 years, Chuck Zukowski has been an IC Mask Design Engineering contractor. He’s been on microchip design teams working on projects as simple as optics for traffic light controllers, and as complex as Spy Satellites, Deep Space Probes, and LIDAR technology. Within that time, Chuck was also a volunteer Deputy Sheriff for El Paso County Sheriff’s Department for eight years and was terminated for running animal mutilation investigations within his county. As a UFO/Paranormal Field Investigator, Chuck has been researching and Field Investigating the unknown for more than three decades. As an investigator, he’s appeared on radio and television shows discussing his investigations and currently has his own TV Show on the Travel Channel called, “Alien Highway”. Chuck approaches every investigation from a skeptical point of view looking for any known possibility before claiming otherwise. He also implements new and innovative field experiments from time to time to enhance his investigations looking for new evidence. Chuck runs his website, and also holds the title, “Deputy Director of Animal Mutilation Investigations” for MUFON International. (Mutual UFO Network)

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