What are they trying to hide on the Moon’s surface?

Mysterious tunnels have been discovered on the Moon near the Apollo missions. These two tunnels of 1 km. and 1.7 km long and 5 meters wide, a few meters from the station 6 of the Apollo 17 mission, were discovered by the Argentine researcher Marcelo Irazusta,

However, as seen in the video, some versions of Google Moon, have removed these pictures.

What could be the reason that they have put a white layer over that area covering these tunnels? What are they trying to hide?

Luckily, Marcelo Irazusta preserved the original images and makes them available to everyone through this video.

The images are from NASA published by Google Moon. If someone wants to verify them you can see these coordinates: 20°18’17.13″N 30°47’28.68″E

  [embedded content]

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