CCTV at Fort Worth Chevron captures lightning strike leaving 15-foot hole in parking lot – Directed Energy Weapon?

A powerful lightning strike during the storms Wednesday morning, October 30, 2019, left a gaping hole in a Fort Worth parking lot, reports Fox4news.

The Fort Worth Fire Department said it happened just after 6 a.m., near a Chevron gas station on Shadydell Drive and Boat Club Road.

The lightning strike destroyed the concrete, asphalt and debris landed some 65 feet away and it blew a 400-pound diesel pump out of the ground.

It is possible that a lightning strike can cause such a havoc or could it have been a DEW (Directed Energy Weapon)?

Remarkable, the blast comes on the 81st anniversary of “The War of the Worlds” radio broadcast, the one where a strange cylinder falls from the sky and aliens emerge from the ground and attack.

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