MONSTERS OF THE DEEP Russian fisherman posts terrifying pics of his weird deep sea finds

WITH their protruding teeth – and eyeballs – they’ve been dubbed “demons from hell”.

But Russia trawlerman Roman Fedortsov is hooked on what he says are fascinating finned “aliens” lurking in the deepest parts of the ocean.

 When Roman Fedortsov posted this image on Instagram, one follower said they were now 'afraid of water'
 The sad-looking pale toadfish live between 250-1,000 metres deep
 Fedortsov pointed out this terrifying creature's sharp gnashers

For years he has been sharing snaps of his bizarre catches on social media – repulsing some with his freakish finds, while others are keen to know more about the interesting sea creatures.

The 39-year-old, from Murmansk, spends much of his time on fishing trawlers, enabling him to indulge in his hobby of photographing and sharing images of what he calls “aliens” as he regards the sea as akin to “Outer space”.

The vessels Fedortsov works on are tasked with catching commercial fish such as cod, haddock and mackerel.

But the bizarre marine creatures pictured here make an appearance too.

For example, the fishermen have netted bright orange blobs with slug-like lumps, or fish with scary teeth and bulging eyes – some of which are as big as a human.

Fedortsov studied at Marine University in Murmansk and is an expert on processing and preparing fish.

And although his discoveries may look more like aliens than fish to the untrained eye, he is apparently interested and impressed by what he encounters, and enjoys cataloguing them on social media.

In an effort to educate landlubbers about his deep sea finds, Fedortsov regularly shares images and information about the aquatic curiosities, mainly found in the Norwegian and Barents seas, to thousands of followers via Twitter and Instagram (rfedortsov_official_account).

One viewer said his catches “are the things from my nightmares”, while another described the fish as “looking like demons from hell”.

However one impressed person said “there is some weird looking s***… but fascinating at the same time”.

US-based TomoNews said that most of the fish isn’t intentionally harvested, but becomes trapped in the trawling nets – known as “by-catch”.

 Roman Fedortsov spends most of his time on trawlers, where he encounters odd-looking fish, including some with 'teeth', above
 Another scaly monster plucked from the deep
 A wolf fish, also known as sea wolf or wolf eel
 The trawlers he works on are tasked with catching cod, haddock and mackerel - but sometimes result in netting odd creatures from the deep
 These aquatic curiosities were mainly found in the Norwegian and Barents seas while some of them came ashore from the Atlantic Ocean
 This human-sized sunfish was among the huge array of strange creatures hauled on board various Russian trawlers
 Roman Fedortsov also tweets about the finds to his thousands of followers


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