New Human Hybrids are on Earth and they have abilities that we cannot comprehend

Is Homo Sapiens being assisted by NHI’s to evolve through a series of complex programs into a new ‘upgraded’ species? What is the evidence?

How is Contact with NHI’s linked to human labels: Star Children, Indigo, Crystal, ‘letter people’
Are the labels indicating a genetic dysfunction or possibly an orchestrated phenomenon to upgrade humans?
Why do some individuals feel more connected to ‘non-human intelligences than their human family?
If so, what does this mean for our species?
The late Command Sergeant Robert Dean mentioned his time with NHI’s was shown by them ”Humanity is a work in progress, an unfinished masterpiece.”
Are we indeed an evolving species being assisted to discover who we really are?
If so, what does this mean for humanity?

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