Secret Medical Experiments at the Skinwalker Ranch?

      Chris Marx is a US Army veteran and certified military police investigator, who served two tours of duty in Iraq, and one in Afghanistan. Returning from Iraq in 2009, he was hired by Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) as an investigator and security guard at the Skinwalker Ranch. This was five […]

UFO Sighted Near Saint Martin – MY UFO EXPERIENCE

     Here follows the UFO sighting I experienced in the Caribbean. I’ve run over the sighting several times in my mind, looked at topographical maps of Saint Martin online and at my old sailing logbook to help confirm some details. By John ShephardThe UFO Chronicles11-25-19 Date: 21st Nov 1990 (the day before Thanksgiving which […]

What is this strange pulsing beam of light over Edmonton, Canada

The aliens are coming for a landing? A strange pulsing beam of light appeared in the sky over Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on November 29, 2019. Tinkerbell Bear while driving home saw this really strange pulsing beam in the sky and said “I’ve never seen anything like it and it is so weird! Anyone know what […]

6 Ways to Dive Into the Science of Thanksgiving

Avoid the Black Friday crowds and deepen your holiday enjoyment with these citizen science projects to get you out of the house. Each of the “courses” below are paired to a project that needs your help accomplishing real scientific research, from the study of seasons to understanding the monarch butterfly migration. This meal is guaranteed […]

16 ‘Star Wars’ Movie Locations You Can Actually Visit Here On Earth

Star Wars fans don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to experience the franchise’s alien worlds. While CGI has inevitably played a large role in creating the fantastical sets, the filmmakers found plenty of otherworldly landscapes right here on Earth to bring us into the Star Wars universe. Plenty of people dream of travel to other planets. But “Star […]

The Wackiest Collection Of Awful, Ugly Eyebrows

Throughout history, man has been extremely creative when it comes to styling themselves in terms of their hair, their clothes, and their bodies in general. From wild hair colors, to artistic makeup, to eccentric piercings, people have never been shy about expressing their individuality. But a fairly new trend has begun to blow everyone’s mind, as […]

Once We Hit Climate ‘Tipping Points’ There May Be No Going Back

Climate change today is scary. Worsening storms, droughts, heat waves and wild weather patterns have begun disrupting life around the globe. But the changes so far have been largely manageable for most, and perhaps even reversible, with enough effort. But the future could hold far worse, say a group of researchers Wednesday. Should warming advance […]

A New Method of Hunting Nearby Black Holes Turns up a Monster

When many large stars die, they turn into black holes. And yet, despite the billions of stars in our Milky Way, astronomers have only discovered a handful of black holes within the galaxy. That’s because, at the moment, their methods can only pick out black holes in certain situations. The few nearby black holes discovered […]

Scientists Just Created a Bacteria That Eats CO2 to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Even with growing awareness of climate change, global greenhouse gas emissions are still climbing. And, in recent years, scientists have worked to apply advances in synthetic biology — the the application of engineering principles to the study of organic life — toward some of our most pressing environmental challenges. Researchers hope to tap synthetic life-forms […]