Spotter captures UFO or F35 over Kirton, Lincs, UK?

On December 2, 2019 a strange looking and moving object has been spotted in the sky over Kirton, Lincs, UK. The witness managed to take a picture before the object shot away at high speed.

The photographer who submitted the image to Mufon said: I saw this at 10.15am UK time over Kirton,Lincs UK. I was stood at my back door having a cigarette when I noticed an object in the sky.

It was moving slowly, almost hovering, then after a few seconds it shot away at high speed in the direction in was coming from.

I posted it on the local RAF spotters site to find out more. I was told there was nothing flying at that time, then my post was removed and I was told by their admin that it was a F35.

Note editor: Very strange that the RAF spotters site removed the image. How they can say that it was a F35 if there was nothing flying at that time?

The picture has not been edited or photoshopped. Not the highest quality as taken from a poor quality phone. Your thoughts please.

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