“Something” appears to have crash-landed in Antarctica

According to Florida Maquish a high power laser took down a UFO over Antarctica. He comes to this conclusion after checking overhead satellite data.

Whether it is a UFO or not, the images indeed show that something apparently have crash-landed in Antarctica.

Florida Maquish refers to the following coordinates as shown in his video.

Google Earth Pro 2019 Hi-Resolution Imagery
Beam 1 Emitter (Argos Dome): 81°16’6.25″S 73°40’48.51″E
Beam path ID: 81°16’30.12″S 73°41’15.07″E
Beam path ID: 81°46’49.32″S 75°22’45.41″E
Target: UFO Crash Site: 76°29’31.84″S 146° 2’28.54″W
Beam 2 Emitter( US base ): 79°45’31.98″S 82°49’44.68″W
Beam path ID: 82°38’8.36″S 107° 4’30.63″E
Beam path ID: 81°45’56.96″S 106°22’11.34″E
Target: Vostok Station: 78°27’48.42″S 106°50’6.40″E
Beam 3 Emitter( ARGOS DOME Low Power Test )
Beam path ID: 80°20’35.20″S 83°58’3.84″E
Beam path ID: 80°20’35.72″S 83° 3’5.51″E
Target: Laser Test Reflector: 72° 2’5.69″S 24°56’1.13″E

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