Something has escaped from a secret underground base in Antarctica?

Google Earth images show a possible entrance leading to an underground secret base located at King George Island in Antarctica.

The following stands out when checking the timeline at that specific location:
Year 2005 – Something seems to break out of the snow/ice wall.
Year 2007 – A large cave or entrance of 75 x 75 meters has emerged and something seems to have moved into the ocean.
Year 2019 – The cave or entrance is again completely covered by snow and ice.

The image of 2005 clearly shows that something from inside the cave has pushed with an enormous force resulting in the huge opening of 75 x 75 meters.

The image of 2007 not only shows some sort of trail coming from the cave leading to the ocean but it also shows a weird anomaly of about 14 meters width floating in the ocean just in front of the cave.

The image of 2019 shows that everything is covered with snow and ice again.

We know that Antarctica has many secrets related to the UFO and aliens phenomena, could it be that the massive hole leads to a secret base built into a giant ice-cave and something broke out?

Coordinates: 62° 0’29.99″S 57°45’14.86″W

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