A Sign? Strange green lights moving in the sky over Long Beach and Willow Creek, California

Images and a video showing strange green lights seemly flying in the sky over Long Beach and Willow Creek in California.on December 24, 2019.

While the witness in Long Beach captured images of several green and yellow objects in the sky, the witness in Willow Creek managed to take a video of many green lights moving around at high altitude.

I have no idea what these objects could be, but instead of thinking of UFOs or alien probes could it be static electricity?

Some scientists think that static electricity in the earth’s atmosphere may be the key to predict large earthquakes.

They suggest that Earth’s crust may give hints before it ruptures, in the form of charged particles from deep below the earth migrate to the surface into the atmosphere that occur days before an earthquake.

Although other scientists have yet to agree on a mechanism by which the crust could create static electricity signals, maybe it is a good idea to keep an eye on these strange greenish particles in the sky.

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