‘Alien Abduction?’ Homeowner vanishes in a streak of light recorded by Ring doorbell

A homeowner appeared to vanish in a streak of light when he stepped off his porch in astonishing Ring doorbell footage.

According to coasttocoast it starts with the man exiting his house in Porter, Texas.

In the video, the man can be seen exiting the house and venturing down the front walk, when something very weird occurs. As he stands at the end of the path, he suddenly appears to transform into a ball of light that zips into the sky and disappears.

What happened to the homeowner, did aliens teleported or abducted him?

However, the man’s financee explained that they were looking through their videos recorded on December 27, 2019 by Ring and they found a weird glitch. She told him: ‘Look Ring had you abducted by aliens or you just been part of the rapture!’

But was it really a glitch or the homeowner just doesn’t remember it.

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