CBers Keeping Track of UFOs | UFO CHRONICLE – 1977

CBers Keeping Track of UFOs - The Desert Sun 4-29-1977
     The Citizens Radio UFO Network (CRUFON), an offshoot of the private International UFO Registry, is a loosely formed group of UFO enthusiasts who use their CBs to track the paths of the elusive Flying Saucers [UFOs].
By The Desert Sun

Dr. William Hauck, North American director of IUFOR, says that CBs have become an important instrument in UFO hunting especially in rural areas.

“CBs have proven very useful in several instances.One case was in Pennsylvania. A UFO sighting was made about 4 a.m. and seen as a nocturnal (night) light.”

“Two truckers sighted it, and the UFO was followed all the way into New York state….”

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